The Best free Games for iOS ( 2022 )

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Best free games in iOS

I am one of those people who wanted an iPhone for security reasons but never wished to pay extra for basic features. Being diligent all day makes me crave some ‘me time‘ either playing games or watching Netflix. Don’t tell me you haven’t ever downloaded any game on your iOS.

It is like dopamine hitting my brain after a long exhausting workday. But, paying for that has never been my style. I am not reticent about my feelings towards free games.

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? The truth is I can’t love everything free. It needs not to be only free but gratifying to my mind. So, here are the top free iOS games I love.

Best Free Games in iOS

1. The Battle of Polytopia

Have you ever dreamed of yourself as a king, leading a whole town, fighting with enemies, making allies, or capturing empires? Hey, come back from that dream and read about this amazing game where you are that king.

The Battle of Polytopia is a game where you are a leader of a warrior unit in a town. All the 3D effects make you feel you are in the game. All you get are 30 turns to explore the town, attack the empires, capture the technologies, and upgrade an advanced civilization. Even if you have tried the real iOS games, I am talking about the paid versions, this game beats that too. Limiting the turns or scoring the figures, is one of its kind that makes the player forget everything that too with the limited resources and time.

When I told you about that ‘king feel‘, I meant bloodthirsty vibe to trounce the power. Trust me, that’s not an easy one but puzzlish is the best adjective I can use here to describe that feeling.

I know this is a game, but you need a strategy like a real king to explore all the resources, learn the art of war, and make the best kingdom. What if I say you get additional features like wildlife hunting too in the game? Isn’t this game getting exceptionally intriguing?

Hunting and exploring wildlife is a totally new thing in the game but, that’s just a pea-size feature of the game. It won’t be fun until you explore all the technologies, capture them, embrace them and use them to conquer rival cities. Why be only a king when you can have the title ‘King of Kings‘? You can even go for the ‘domination‘ mode if you love killing and playing. This mode leaves the game with only one tribe remaining in the end, making it an astonishing achievement with so much fun.

2. Pigeon Wings Strike

Imagine yourself waking up to the news of pigeons saving the world. It does sound weird, right? But developers have created this own fanciful world in the form of a game where pigeons save the world.

This game “Pigeon Wings Strike” has cool pigeons wearing shades and all, flying adorably, having their own planes which shoot lasers.

Now imagine minions, the evil ones attacking you. These cute little but dangerous creatures have taken over the city, and you are calling out for pigeons to save the town. After all, it’s a free iOS game. You will get this. Jokes apart, despite being this level funny, this game has done great business. These avians make the game interesting by flying the little captain planes through subways, tunnels, and even through buildings, sometimes into walls.

You need to buckle up your seat as I bet you will end up wiggling your little apple to hold and adjust the altitude, screening up and down, throttling the screen to boost the plane speed while slipstreaming other pigeons. It does sound fierce. And you know what, these little avians let you grab gold to power up the plane.

If you are into ridiculously amazing things like me, exhilarate yourself to grab the seat tightly and let the adventure begin.

What are you waiting for? Go for the pigeons now. Download it now!

3. Retro Bowl

Are you a football fan? I am not. But this game made me fall in love. Released in January 2020, Retro Bowl gained popularity in late 2021. Want to know from where? From TikTok.

I used to think TikTok made people gain popularity. But it is the same for the games too. Retro Bowl is a popular football video game where the player is a general manager who controls the offense.

The player is assigned with a random team at the start of the game. Yes, it’s a team game. You can also play in a team of your choice. Controlling the offense is the main challenge in the game. All the Ronaldo fans, even if you are not a big fan (wink), this is going to be truly satisfying. It makes you feel satiated when you successfully aim for a pass. Imagine yourself as Ronaldo playing against Messi and getting a successful dodge.

My personal favorite, I never entered my own name in the game, and I got a default cool name. Try it. Maybe you get yourself something like Fireball.

4. The Everlasting Regret

I am a writer. I love to play with words, knitting stories of my dreams, going into history, knowing folktales, and many more. I like playing games with a historical touch and phenomenal storylines. I know not everyone has this sober taste, but if you are the one with this vibe, try this at least once on your iPhone or iPad and thank me later.

You must know the beautiful Chinese song “The Everlasting Regret.” Yes, right. This game is based on that song. Developed by five graduates at Tencent, this game takes players on a journey of enchanted lands with a tear-jerking storyline. From the stunning backdrop to the ripening love story with little incredible basic fundamental elements in the game set a view to make you stay in this concoction forever.

Every scene with all four chapters unveils a beauty that you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking a break and admiring the amazingly stunning paintings, graphics, and art of designing within the game. That agonizing soundtrack will connect you emotionally to that beautiful Chinese story and instruments.

Not to forget, this game isn’t about music, graphics, and story only. As it’s a game, it has something to be played. Guessing won’t work here. Puzzles are what I am talking about here. To make it worth trying and understanding, developers have brilliantly infused puzzle-solving mechanics within the paintings included to make you a story-driven gamer.

The narration and the scenes are so attractive and illustrated that you won’t go without getting a connecting vibe. All the scenes engraved are specially designed to make the player use interactive brushstrokes and interact with the paintings, intensify them, experiment, and feel the colorful vibe.

5. Blek (for iOS)

To all the creative people, this is for you. Before beginning with the introduction, Blek has already been titled with an Apple design award. There are innovations, and then there are ingenious. This game requires an intuitive personality. It has something to do with the imagination and persona together. It makes you feel like a wizard. Whatever you draw, it moves. It gives wings to your imagination.

Even with the minimalist graphics and design, it has that attractive vibe with its simple gameplay
to keep you occupied. It’s a
puzzle game to keep you engaged with creating patterns while you
move your fingers on your apple-touch with minimal gestures. Despite being a 2013 kid, this
game has proved its popularity to the iPhone’s game library.

The meticulous goal is to use your fingers to shape a line to collect the colored circles while not hitting the black holes. That’s it. As simple as it sounds, as interesting it gets as there is no method to master it. All you have to do is go on with countless solutions that exist elegantly.

What are you waiting for? Download now

6. Data Wing

I have been a car racing gamer since that old car racing game I used to play on that box PC at home. I guess many 90s kids will be. What’s new is everything. The evolution in car racing games and technology has changed everything from playing to graphics to interests.

So, I am here to tell you about the biggest bargain on mobile to add to the top of the freebie iOS games charts forever. Yes, I am talking about Data Wing, which is simple and neon at the same time. From minimalist circuits to neon-infused adventure, everything about the game is worth admiring.

This racing world includes featured deranged AI to take you to a 2D environment beyond the screen. What I love most about it is it’s no ads and no IAPs. Meaning I can play non-stop, undisturbed for hours.

The game has intuitive two-touch controls to move on the right path while eliminating the enemies and increasing the speed with each level. Its amazing sound effects make you feel like a real-life racer. World-class producers like Eyeliner, ESPRIT, 18 Carat Affair, and more have designed this unique digital adventure with more than 40 levels.

Coming to its unique feature, every level comes with a different story where the player has to save Mother from the systematic attacks. It gives you a space-like adventure with a great storyline.

Begin your racing adventure now.

7. SpellTower+

Are you one of those people who love to read the newspaper and pick up a pen or pencil every time you come across a crossword as you can’t control that urge of that puzzle-solving vibe inside you? Then you are at the right place, reading the right page about the perfect game. SpellTower is the original word game designed by developers to take your urges from paper-based word searches and crosswords to a technology-based system with varied word-based strategies and tempting riddles.

While not all fans can play this paid version, developers came up with its freebie version SpellTower+ with some soigne visuals to make it available for every word lover. As it is free, it comes with ads. Everything has its perks and cons. But, it does not make it less awe-inspiring.

The game starts with a Tower mode with letters and black squares arranged in a stack in a well. You have to tap on the words and these words will arrange in snake-like pathways as you can’t form a straight line here.

Now the gravity makes all the floating tiles fall. Let me tell you one secret. Unlike all other word games, you don’t have to work on the longest word to score high. Try a strategy to choose the best from what’s available in the grid.

Why control that word-obsessive urge more when you can download the game now? Try it.

The game starts with a Tower mode with letters and black squares arranged in a stack in a well.
You have to tap on the words and these words will arrange in snake-like pathways as you can’t
form a straight line here. Now the gravity makes all the floating tiles fall. Let me tell you one
secret. Unlike all other word games, you don’t have to work on the longest word to score high.
Try a strategy to choose the best from what’s available in the grid.

8. Hoggy 2

Don’t lie. Even after growing up, we can’t let that kid in us die. We love cute little cartoonish things, characters, views, and ideas in videos, games, and everything. But, making us feel childish again isn’t less than grueling business for the developers.

Now this game is fascinating for grown-ups as you have to play as a parent. No, you don’t have to change the diapers (wink). The game is all about an evil moon man who has kidnapped your kids. Basically, they are gloopy protagonists’ kids – the rotters.

While you play mum or dad, you have to break into the Moon Men’s fortress where you have to deal with the puzzle-infused platform. Don’t miss any enemy and not even an object. Scope out your surroundings and eat every fruit.

You have varied solutions to each puzzle. Try using your own methods while dealing with the enemies. Work on boss-battles for over 200 levels and show your creativity.

9. It’s Full of Sparks

Are you an Indian? Have you ever watched people celebrating Diwali? Have fireworks been a part of your life? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, I won’t ask whether you like fireworks or not but if you do, this game is definitely for you and even if you don’t, these virtual crackers are not meant to harm the environment like the real ones but to make you smile.

Beginning with the ‘biography‘ of a firecracker, I believe it’s absolutely lit. Imagine being a colorful bomb’s whole life and ending it with a noisy explosion. Who won’t want that? But in this game named “It’s full of sparks“, the doddering rockets aren’t satisfied with this and fight to enhance their lifecycle by extinguishing their sparks.

For each of the 80 levels, your task is to belt towards the water and not to explode. This
super-exciting game when arrives on your little handset, you will die laughing at those sparks.
What complicates is the colored buttons with the helicopter rotors, bridges, and toggle hazards.

You will love the ‘platformer’ style of the game while guiding that little fuse to control its inevitable explosion. Being a freebie game has always some limitations. But in this game developers have worked on some bewildering tricks with monetization.

Ordinarily, most free games have ads where players have to buy content. While the stunning idea of developers here has given the players freedom of choice, you can play for free and that too without ads. Then there is always a but attached. You will have access to a limited number of firecrackers only. You can get tenten more firecrackers for every single video watch. Enabling ads will get you 50 firecrackers.

10. Doodle Jump

Yes, we have all the retro and classic versions of games available now. Many of them are free. But, do you still miss that old-school gaming vibe where simple games used to attract us. Coming home to phones and playing those little jiggles used to make us happy. It is one of those games.

Doodle jumping has always been my favorite. Ooff, my mom used to shout while I was glued to the screen tilting my device from left to right. Letting strange four-legged protagonists jump from here and there to climb the heights made me fall in love with my childhood when the only stress was not to end up failing in exams or losing the game.

Now, after almost a decade, the sequel still appeals to me with its smart moves and elegance. You will get all the cute little new characters to hop in your apple with the even cutest monsters without compromising with environments. Collect characters while unlocking the levels and wake that kid up in you.

Find that little doodle jumping kid in you.

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