Top best Mobile games free ( Updated 2022 )

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From Snake ( yes, the one on Nokia 1100) to Subway Surfers, mobile games have evolved enormously over the past decade. Given the mammoth amount of choices over the play store, we figured you might get confused and end up experimenting and searching endlessly.

So, we sifted out the best and put it together into this legendary list for you (you’re welcome!).

Best Mobile Games free

Alto’s Odyssey

A sequel to Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is a snowboarding game wherein Alto and his friends set out to explore the world on their snowboards, facing extreme challenges and uncertainties on their way, all of this, only to quench their thirst for adventure. On the way, they collect tricks, dodge deadly enemies, and adapt to new environmental conditions.

The game is almost as if out of a fairytale with calm music playing in the background and the serene backgrounds. Oh, and did we mention that the game has a unique “Zen mode”? This super awesome feature allows you to remove all interrupting notifications and interface panels so that you can feel as if you’re one with the game, isn’t that amazing?!

Size: 135 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.4

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Call of Duty

Not something to forget to put on ‘the list’! We think that you already know about this one, but for those who don’t, keep reading!

Call of Duty is a shooting game, a warzone as seen from the eyes of a soldier. Beginning as a simulation of World War II, Call of Duty (COD, as most gamers like to call it) evolved through a multitude of advancements to make way for modern war conditions including the cold war, outer space and a lot of other themes.

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the gaming series as the best-selling first-person shooter game series. Wondering what’s so cool about the game? To put it simply, the game derives its solid success mostly from its easy-to-follow commands, and lots and lots of guns! A new challenge lurking around every corner keeps the adrenaline steady in your veins!

Now that the series is already on the hype, there’s no way you’re gonna miss out on this, are you?

Size: 1.6 GB , Play Store Rating: 4.3

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Sad but Ded

Sad But Ded is a platform game, which means, it is a 2-D interface game wherein you have to drive your protagonist from a starting point to a destination, battling through obstacles on the way while collecting rewards and freebies.

In this case, your protagonist is an agonistic ghost, who is a dead person, but still sad! What’s unique is that the control buttons are present on the screen and you have to use them to navigate your hovering ghost to its destination- the flag.

So, you and your ghost need to be smart enough to make quick decisions and swiftly click on the right control buttons because you can use one type of controller only once throughout the whole episode.

The grey interface wherein the controls disappear as and when you click on them with everything floating around like a cloud of smoke gives it a whole eerie vibe. Might seem easy at first, but the game gets tougher with progressing levels as paths get trickier, the mechanics modify and new challenges present themselves. And yes, don’t forget to turn on the sound, otherwise, you might miss out on the sad screams of your ‘ded’ ghost!

Size: 18 MB , Play Store Rating: 3.9

Download here ( Android )

Crashy Cats

Run along as the notorious cat crashes into anything and everything that gets in its way, be it humans, lamps, tables, television sets or even walls! Don’t worry though, you’re not the unfortunate human who gets hit in the face by a cat, but the cat itself which gets to hit humans in the face!

Well, but the cat has to still avoid dogs in order to stay alive and leaping. The aim is to knock off a maximum number of objects to collect points and escalate to the next level. The higher levels call for enhanced abilities and allow you to face newer challenges in a different location than the level before.

Size: 27 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.7

Download here ( Android )

Battle Grounds Mobile India

Players’ beloved PUGB which was banned in India last year has been rebranded into Battle Grounds Mobile India. The plot is the same. Players drop in from planes flying over the map to land into their desired cities by carefully timing their jumps. Equipped with almost nothing, the players then search the entire city for arms and ammunition indispensable for their survival, taking continuous hints from the maps as presented in the corner of the screen.

By introducing various constraints and challenges, the game escalates to tougher levels and introduces advanced features to keep the players coming back for more. With practice and experience, the battleground gets familiar and you slowly start to feel like the hero around there!

Size: 795 MB, Play. Play Store Rating: 4.0

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Asphalt 9: Legends

You surely do not want to miss out on this one if you’re a fan of racing games. With over 50 luxury models to choose from and 70 gravity-defying race tracks, you will find yourself spoilt for choices as you compete against worthy opponents.

Bumping along new routes and drifting along curves, this game is sure to make it to the top of your list!

Size: 2.6 GB , Play Store Rating: 4.5

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is not just a simple car-racing game but is intended to simulate real-world racing conditions, by including the feature of in-game cash and real-world time. Besides races, tracks and wins, players have to also deal with servicing, repairing and maintaining their vehicles in order to keep ahead of their competitors, and all of this comes at a cost- their hard-earned money.

They are awarded ‘fame points’ based on their respective performances and as they win races, they are promoted to the next level and rewarded with gold coins- the premium in-game currency which can be used for buying newer, better cars.

In addition to that, players also have to wait for their cars to get repaired or get parked in their garages after purchase as it would have happened in real-time. However, if you want a faster delivery or repair, you are free to spend on some cash.

Size: 45 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.3

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Murder in the Alps

If crime novels are your genre, then we bet this game is for you! Plotted around immersive storylines with mysterious characters and fierce murderers, this game is surely going to take you through a rollercoaster of adventures. As you, the protagonist, strive to solve complex cases with the minimal shreds of evidence at hand, the game unfolds in steps with each day bringing up a new challenge.

As you level up and gather collectables, you find that the game gets interesting. But don’t worry, they have a built-in strategy guide too to help you find the missing links quickly and crack the code.

With vivid graphics, beautiful imagery and enchanting music, the game is all set to hold you spellbound and engaged. One cannot believe the secrets hidden beneath the beautiful Alps where people would normally go for a holiday, but will they return?

Size: 135 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.4

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Saily Seas

Yes, we hear you enough about the roads. Let’s dive into the sea then! Saily seas is a classic endless runner type game wherein the hero comes surfing on a log of wood, ready to take on the sea and face the challenges ahead. The sailor has to leap ahead and collect points and rewards scattered along the way into the sea and out of it.

All of this is pretty and peaceful until a shark appears out of nowhere and our hero has to avert it or he will lose his life.

Set against the backdrop of clear blue skies and snow-capped peaks, this game is a total stress buster. Moreover, continuous waves crashing to the beat of slow soothing music might just make this the ultimate unwinder after a long day.

Size: 37 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.1

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

Super Fowlst 2

Even after the introduction of 3D real-world gaming, arcade games have not lost their authenticity and continue to maintain a huge fan base. Super Fowlst 2 is one such arcade game, wherein you’re the chicken who has been invested with the task of saving the world from deadly demons.

All you have to do to destroy your enemies is to barge into them and they will explode into thin air! But of course, you have to jump past obstacles and stay safe from the attacks of the enemy.

There are options for powering up as well to improve your chicken’s efficiency and once you’re done with all your enemies, you’re promoted to the next level, yay! The scenery keeps changing and the levels keep getting tougher with unpredictable enemies. But with simple controls and an alert mind, you are sure to ace this game within a few reps!

Size: 37 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.1

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )


Quite predictably, the game is a modified version of the classic Pinball which we used to play on our desktops all day long. The aim is the same- to prevent the tiny ball from slipping into the dark from in between the flippers. However, in this version, the table is infinite and the mobile screen presents a 3-D view of the table as seen by someone standing in front of it.

This is a single-player game and you have to aim to get the ball to the highest point in a stipulated amount of time. Your highest score is basically the best height that you’ve reached until then. To make things exciting and quirky, PinOut also has a host of creative obstacles and chances to collect reward points in terms of some extra seconds and powerups.

The neon graphics make it all the more aesthetic and the trippy retro music playing in the background falls in absolute sync with the rolling ball.

Size: 78 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.1

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

PewPew Live

Do you also miss those joystick days when you tapped away on your video game controller but those neon green objects on the desktop didn’t seem to listen at all? We heard you! PewPew Live will bring those days back, that too on your mobile phone, isn’t that the dream?!

The task is to get around your enemies, floating in the same space as you and collect reward points, which are also in the same space. As the levels progress upwards, the background gets more distracting and the enemies swifter. Simple retro music plays in the background as you hover around to collect all points.

Size: 3.1 MB, Play Store Rating: 4.4

Download here ( Android )

Download here ( iOS )

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